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The first thing you need to know if you wish to start out in motorsport is the relevant authorities and associations.

In Great Britain the MSA (Motor Sports Association is the governing body of motor sport. The MSA is given its authority from the world governing body, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).


The MSA is the total ruling authority for motor sport in this country and is responsible for the administration and control of the motor sport rules. The Motor Sports Council makes these rules.

There are over 780 registered motor clubs, who organise over 4,700 events in 22 different disciplines. Anyone over the age of 8 can drive competitively – starting in Kart Racing and, thanks to the MSA ensuring motor sport can truly be enjoyed by all, there are opportunities for even severely disabled drivers. As for cars, many forms of motor sport can be tackled with completely standard road cars, while others permit only very limited modifications.

There are events for old cars, for brand new cars, for trucks, and for small cars. In the next few years there will also be events for electric cars. In some situations you don’t even need a car to compete. Several types of motor sport require each car to carry a passenger, often as an active participant.



Types of Licences

Competitors in over 70% of UK motor sport events do not require MSA licences, only club membership cards are necessary. These events include road rallies, autotests, trials and certain cross-country events all of which are outlined on the Motor Sport Disciplines page.

When members of other clubs compete, however, licences are mandatory; this is so that protests and disciplinary procedures can be properly conducted.

There are four basic types of competition licence:

• Clubman
• National B
• National A
• International

Even the basic Clubman licence (£15) allows you to take part in events all over the UK; a National A licence is valid throughout the European Union (also in Andorra, Iceland, Monaco, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland); the MSA International licence is recognised all over the world.

Each competition licence holder receives a copy of the MSA Competitors' Yearbook (widely known as "The Blue Book", this contains the UK motor sport regulations, plus lists of scrutineers and other useful information) and four editions per year of Motorsports Now! the MSA's official magazine.